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Stewarding Academy shifts the quality of service in hospitality assets as well as personal standards to the constellations basing on science, experience and master skills. We are aimed to deliver the very fine and personalised journey of growth and prosperity to our Clients that are owners or representatives of luxury yachts, luxury jets, private estates, boutique hotel, fine dining restaurants and premium apartments. 

With passion, commitment and practical approach, we propose developmental programs which may include team building training, luxury hospitality training, protocol training, full interior training, silver service or communication training. Our dedicated coaching support to captains, pursers, interior manages, hotel managers, owners’ personal assistants, premium apartments’ investors, all crew, does not only contributes to the quality VIP guests service or all seasons agile management, but also tactfully facilitates constructive attitudes of attendants and their motivation.

Academy, was found by Joanna Sempruch, experienced Yacht Stewardess, Interior Manager with all maritime certificates in hand, Coach and Trainer in the Royal City of Krakow. The only training provider with a Quality Label of Małopolska Standards for Educational and Training Services specialising in 7-star luxury hospitality on yachts for UHNWI from Poland. More than happy to serve and assure unique quality!

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Questions & answers

We are more than happy to answer any question

To order Stewarding Academy services you may click BOOK ONLINE tab on our page or send an e-mail. International calls are also easy when using for instance WhatsApp. Please, be advised to leave your first and last name, contact details, organisation name and additionally possible dates of requested service realisation in case you would like us to get back to you. We highly recommend that you arrange a virtual meeting with us at your convenience so that we may properly define your needs and guarantee the quality of our cooperation results. Stewarding Academy means care.

We follow the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics and international boutique hospitality and luxury yachting industry standards. Our programmes are based on true-life experience in fine hospitality since 2003 and on multiple competencies and qualifications proven on diplomas and certificates obtained by our trainers as well as the organisational declare to lifelong learning. We are proud to hold a Quality Label for Educational and Training Services.

We would love to hear this from you, as we constantly adapt our training offer to the demands of the market. Also, we beliveYet, we observe that the proper standardised and very high end communication skills in international luxury hospitality service are valuable to have. During our trainings those are practised parallel to hard technical service skills such as fine dining table service, serving fine wine, caviar, cigars, luxurious hors d’œuvre or coctails. We also project specific and personalised communication trainings when needed.

Our trainings are boutique style and personalised to every single detail due to our unique ability of focusing attention to the needs of others supported by our diverse collective international work experience. We are delivering the latest approaches to exclusive hospitality and share effective and efficient methods of essential crew management aspects such as motivation. We are dedicated specialists to support you in your success through our proposal of career and life coaching. Updating our knowledge and tools workshop, we grow to deliver you the best methodologically and technically prepared trainings. Why to choose services by Stewarding Academy? Our happy customers are the best answer to this question as they helped us to assemble files of excellent references.

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