Joanna Sempruch

Joanna Sempruch

7-star Crew Coach

Luxury seen differently

Few words about private dining here. As we are exclusive hospitality experts, we care in particular about promoting the very discreet approach to guests when serving at private parties, no question about this. Private dining may be often seen though as only formal, extraordinary, elegant, highly luxurious service. This real life picture attached above inspires me to share with you that sometimes you will be serving every day meals, casually and informally. But does it mean you will not follow the very high end service standards? Does it give you an open door not to respect VIPs and HNWI privacy? Of course not. I would like to remind you that perfect service is the key whether you are providing service at a party on a luxurious yacht, during private event at the villa, at a small pizza lunch or at the beach party. VIP guests will always appreciate your proficiency in service and adaptability to a situation with you respecting their privacy and acting simply professionally. So private dining is not always about bed of roses but sometimes it is a simple daily meal. Nice subtle table decoration, pleasant words of service will make it special enough.

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