Joanna Sempruch

Joanna Sempruch

7-star Crew Coach

Water is a new luxury good

Some time ago, when I was so called “green” meaning beginner in the HoReCa and luxury yachting field, the consciousness in the topic of water was quite law comparing to what it is now. Below, I would like to look at various aspects of “aqua” general, of drinking water and the broad spectre of water awareness that has changed over the years in my eyes. I hope you will like my thoughts and free writing.

Scientists proved the importance of water itself as well as drinking water long time ago. We are almost 90% made of water, ok maybe 70-80%, but we are water, though we loose water when we are active, when we sleep, water is our incubator in some sense. Why not to replenish it on regular basis? My answer is: „feel free and make it your reality”. I would like to truly motivate you to take good care of yourself or let others do it for you and serve you water often. Try, experiment, see how you feel when you realistically increase the intake of water, set goals, note the quantity, be aware and then write back to me to describe this experience. Start drinking water, more water and see how your life changes for better.

Another perspective is luxurious sanum per aquam, benefiting from water: relax in it and observe how your body and mind take advantage from this, do water sports such as swimming, water skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, free diving, boarding, sailing, cruising, paddling, kayaking, do even whir-pooling, rest in the steam room, get soaked in the relaxing bath, float in the salty sea or just simply stare at the waves and enjoy the moment, think, meditate, be close to water, appreciate rain – become to love it and accept it, have part in flooding prevention, keep the water basins and their surroundings clean and clear, built ecological boats, select water toys smartly. Make the relationship with water symmetric as much as you can. Have respect and show gratefulness to water. Note mindfully how it influences your well-being.

Think of ecology, think of our planet. Save water, make it a habit not to run taps and showers for too long, avoid water in plastic bottles, use those in glass whenever possible, reach for the filter water, become friends with the water in carafes, be example to others, to children, to your people. If you choose the bottled water – segregate the bottles and let recycling.
When you set up a hotel business or build a yacht – think ahead in the aspect of mother water – there are solutions! All it takes is to start with some sort of eco-planning. Hire the right people, make the team working crew happen, train them, educate yourself. You may begin with the smallest practice of water respect and then make it a kind of automatism, something you do without double-thinking.

Choosing favourable water is another luxury. Know you body, what it likes, which minerals it is craving for. Investigate which places offer you the water you need. There are natural springs that you may discover, whether it is Bali, Fiji, Florida, Italy or Poland. There are thousands of mineral water brands available all around the world. There are medical types of water occurring in certain geographical regions. All it takes is the will, the thirst for healthy lifestyle and aware living. Water and taking care of it might be the best cure.

Thank you water. Please, notice, we are also there for you. On one hand you are something we were born in, on the other you give us a space for fun, yet, you are our health, well-being and luxury.

What else would you as a mindful reader add to this post? Feel free to share it and comment below.

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