Joanna Sempruch

Joanna Sempruch

7-star Crew Coach

June 24-28, YACHT STEWARDING, Cracow

Skills training (5 days)

Hotel Rubinstein, 12 Szeroka, Kraków, Poland
June 24-28, 10:00

Fundamental training of the highest level service onboard a super yacht including the specific aspects of the international protocol, silver service and luxury hotel techniques designed for aspiring yacht interior crew.

Course outcome:

  • Basic manners at arrivals/ departures and during guest service comprehension
  • Basic techniques of luxury housekeeping and laundry skills implementation and identification
  • Silver Service techniques and table decoration essentials familiarisation and practice
  • Fine wine and beverages service introduction – practice of service and basic knowledge gaining
  • Fine goods entrance – demonstration, familiarisation and basic service skills acquiring 


  • I day (4h) Introduction/ Service protocol
  • II day (6h) Luxury interior housekeeping/ Laundry
  • III day (6h) Silver service/ Table decoration
  • IV day (5h) Silver service/ Wine
  • V day (4h) Fine food/ Beverages/ Final

Course details:

  • Training level: 1 out of 3 levels (Introduction, Advanced, Excellence)
  • Methods: mini-lecture, workshop, aerial exercises, demonstrations, role-playing, brainstorming, group work
  • Duration: 5 days (25 hours including exam time)
  • Additional Learning Time (recommended): 15 hours 
  • Instructor: Joanna Sempruch (Coach/Trainer/Manager/Chief Stewardess)
  • Language: English/ Polish upon request
  • Dress code: formal for service practice, white top, black bottom
  • Accommodation: Possible accommodation in Hotel Rubinstein with a discount, Old Town Pergamin Apartments as option
  • Course outcome: Diploma of Competence in yacht stewarding techniques

Main subjects in this level: 

  • Introduction of a luxury hospitality
  • Personal presentation
  • Diplomatic protocol and etiquette
  • Preferences understanding
  • Basic seamanship with safety
  • Luxury house keeping
  • Luxury yacht laundry duties 
  • Bed linen and towels folding
  • Valet service/ Wardrobe care
  • Packing/ unpacking
  • Silver service styles and techniques
  • Table decoration and floristry/ Set ups (+napkin folds)
  • Mise en place for: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Menu reading practice – luxurious food focus
  • Hot beverage service (coffee, tea and others)
  • Fine beverage service (incl. wine & champagne)
  • Fine goods service (caviar, cognac, cigars & others)
  • Tray service practice/ Cocktail party service/ Canapés
  • Table service sequence practice/ Synchronic service 
  • Bar Mise en place / Bartending and mixology
  • Final exam (practical and theoretical)
  • Course evaluation
  • Certification

Skills training (5 days)

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