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Joanna Sempruch

7-star Crew Coach

How to become a Chief Stewardess on a yacht

It took me a while by the time I became a Chief Stew then later Interior Manager on a luxury yacht…

Has it ever happened to you that you took some job (here: signed up a seafarer’s permanent contract) and from the day one, you knew it is not a position of your dreams? I should not have admitted that in public, but, yes, it has happened to me just at the beginning of my yachting career “teen” years ago. Since I got my first task for the day one, after a brief morning meeting with our Chief Stewardess, I knew becoming a Junior Stew was not my greatest dream, paradoxically. It was not a big drama, but actually a phenomenal discovery that I would do my best to become a Chief Stewardess some time in the future. In fact, this was a decision. I knew it was not going to happen immediately and that I have a lot to learn also observe by the time I get where I want. Uncertainty was a part of it, but I wanted to trust myself and reach high. It took a lot of effort and sustainability to focus on very basic tasks and save the ambitions for later, but it was a learning curve. It felt a bit like a child again. You want to play the piano, but first you need to practice for hours to become at least average. I realised that the time spent onboard working and traveling for longevity had mattered and holding on had been a sacrifice. I suppose, it is still for all of the crew. Yet having accepted the challenge back then, was a perfect endurance training that have strengthened me immensely.

Tip of the day: if you want to become a Chief Stewardess, take your time! Observe, note, practice, learn new skills (I cannot even calculate how many of them are included in the Yacht Stewardess role, for sure more then thirty), get additional certificates, invest some time on personal growth and work on your emotional intelligence. I can tell you how I have done this when the time is right.

These are the options of a career line: 1. You simply become a Chief Stewardess just because there is no-one else available in particular location or situation (wow this is a boomer!), 2. You get a promotion after being a Second Stewardess, 3. You become a Relief Chief Stewardess and the actual Chief Stew never shows up, 4. You decide to work on a small yacht and you are the only Stew (not a stew the dish, a Stewardess here so called Sole Stew), 5. You are luckily recommended by the Owner, by the Captain etc. – not an easy situation reversely to what it may seem. 6. You have a super strong maritime (e.g. luxury cruise liners) and hospitality background as a Purser, Manager, Majordomo . If you hear of any other career lines, feel free to pass me a line.

In summary, you need to have a good industry understanding, excellent 7-star service skills and managerial abilities that are not born in one day to become a Chief Stew and then later perhaps Interior Manager or a Purser. You will feel a strong leader and you will get much more respect from your team, if you prepare yourself well to this total responsibility for a luxurious interior of a yacht and its dynamic interior team. If you want to hear more about this, sign up for an individual session with me. I am more that happy to assist you in this journey. Yachting is my passion, management is my job.

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