Joanna Sempruch

Joanna Sempruch

7-star Crew Coach

Silver Service course

If you wonder what is behind the tittle of the course Silver Service, it seems you are in the right place. I am more than willing to present to you the universal definition of Silver Service with some of my subjective approaches to it.

Since I remember, back when I was the very beginner in the yachting industry, the term Silver Service has been always very exciting itself. Before I completed any service course to understand the luxury a bit more, I could only listen to the legends about the 7-star service, about outstanding service, about superior service and so to speak luxury service. None of my supervisors, rotating frequently  (the Butler/ the Chief Steward, the Chief Stewardess, the Second Stewardess) had time nor will really to explain the rules of Silver Service to me when I asked. I could only get a short messages or partial information out of the context on Silver Service. „Oh this is how you do it”, „there you need to place a steak”, „bb plate only there not there”, „take gloves”, „don’t put on the gloves”. What I hated to hear the most was: „You don’t need to know all of that, just bring me the extra wine glasses”. As much as I understood, the Guests requested new wine and this was the priority, I still was very curious about the details of service. 

You can only imagine how uncertain I was about the quality of my service skills and understanding of luxury service in general. I had worked in the restaurants before I started yachting, I knew the basic service etiquette, I liked to learn more and more but how was I supposed to do it in the middle of the ocean? Well, back then, there was no Internet search engines available to the crew. We could only check our e-mails. Not sure how I made it… Anyway, this is how I decided to book my first Silver Service course. That course changed my life onboard. I was more confident, I felt I want a promotion, I read my call to become a Chief Stewardess in the future. Today I know, that even though the Silver Service course is not required for Junior Stews (as there will be more house keeping at the beginning of your career), it opens your eyes on the luxury, 7-star service, and super yachting purpose. This is why I really recommend the course to any of the beginners, even the short 6h online course that we do here at Stewarding Academy. You will not get the Certificate of Competency right away, but at least you will understand the essence of fine dining on luxury yachts (or jets) and that will give you the wind to your sails (or wings).

After my first Silver Service course, I was able to say what Silver Service is more or less. After years, I am able to give a new definition to it. It is not only a platter to plate food transferring technique, not only the silverware handling, it is a certain style, certain hygiene, certain comfort, moreover, it is a classy style mixed up with your own style, something that is happening here and now and is adjusted to the specific circumstances aboard the yacht. The way I teach Silver Service is that I work with you entire body and mind, I help those areas within you that need work. We talk about the sea…the air, and the able to be measured details. 

At Stewarding Academy we offer two options of learning Silver Service: full training and short online training. What is the difference? Full training is more in-depth, is more practical exercises, short course is the guide to start learning on your own. Yet, everybody’s experience might be slightly different as courses by Stewarding Academy are boutique and highly personalised.

Sample topics:

1. Diplomatic protocol and etiquette in table service, 2. Guest and owners’ F&B preferences understanding, 3. Silverware decoded, cutlery & pottery focus, 4. Breakfast, lunch & dinner planning (menu, diets, shopping lists), 5. Silver service styles and techniques applicable (French, Russian, family etc.), 6. Basics of garnish, decoration and floristry – art of service, 7. Table cover (+napkin folding art+centre piece ideas) mise en place, 8. Tray service/ Cocktail party service/ Canapés, 9. Fine goods focus (caviar, cognac, cigars & others of choice), 10. Table service sequence practice.

Remember that before you book the trainig, you need to organise yourself a uniform as the formal dress code is required (white top, dark bottom or black dress, 2 pairs of service gloves). Ready to start the adventure? Send me a message: and we will set up a free consultation.

If you wonder what is behind the tittle of the course Silver Service, it seems you are in the right place.

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